Timely detection of preventable cancers
The Preventable Cancer Scan checks for important DNA changes that help you prevent developing certain cancers.

  • You can cut your inherited cancer risk by half with the use of certain medications.
  • If you are positive for breast cancer, mammograms and breast MRIs can be started earlier.
  • You can beat the odds of getting cancer with certain surgical procedures.

Essential information for cancer free life

Women can inherit breast cancer susceptibility from their father. Men can inherit prostate cancer susceptibility from their mother. Genesis helps you gain access to data about your cancer risk, so you can take action towards a healthy life. We look at two genes called BRCA1 and BRCA2. These genes are in our DNA and work to protect us from certain cancers. Change in any one of these genes, called a “mutation,” can hinder with the ability of these genes to prevent cancer. With a small sample of your saliva, Genesis can determine your risk of getting cancers of the breast, prostate, ovary and pancreas. Our extensive genetics expertise can help you take timely action towards a cancer free life.

How it works
Get started online and submit inquiry form.
We will contact your physician who will receive a Genesis kit.
Use the kit to submit a saliva specimen with your physician who will send it to Genesis.
Within two weeks, you will get a mail that your results are available with your physician.