Make choices using Genesis results
Preventable Cancer Scan results influence key choices in your life and enables you to take personalized action towards a cancer free life.

Options your physician might recommend

Start checkups earlier
As a woman who has tested positive for BRCA, you can begin mammograms and breast MRIs a decade earlier in life. Thereby you can frequently get checkups in order to detect breast cancer at an early and treatable stage. Men who have tested positive can also benefit from early prostate screening and breast exams.
Consider preventative surgery
In some cases, people testing positive choose to have preventative surgery, such as mastectomy in order to reduce their breast cancer risk by greater than 90%. Surgical removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes after childbearing years in women is often a consideration.
Take medication
In women, certain oral medications are proven to reduce the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers. For example, prolonged use of the birth control pill can cut your ovarian cancer risks in half.
How it works
Get started online and submit inquiry form.
We will contact your physician who will receive a Genesis kit.
Use the kit to submit a saliva specimen with your physician who will send it to Genesis.
Within two weeks, you will get a mail that your results are available with your physician.