Prepare for a growing family
The Pregnancy Prep Scan checks for thousands of crucial DNA changes that help you plan for a growing family

  • The Pregnancy Prep Scan can be taken by you even before you get pregnant.
  • Being a carrier is normal it is important to find out if both of you are carriers of the same disease.
  • Even with no history of disease in the family you can be a carrier.

Essential information for a healthy family

Did you know that there is enough DNA in our body to reach the sun and back 600 times? Your DNA is stored with valuable information that can assist you as you prepare for having a family. Genesis will help you gain access to this data, enabling you to taking action towards a healthy life for you and your growing family.

Many of us carry a handful of genetic diseases that do not affect our daily lives. Even without a family history of disease, it is normal to be a carrier. However, if both the parents are carriers of the same disease, they can unintentionally have a child with lifelong health issues. Gaining access to such key information before or early in pregnancy enables you to take action that is right for you.

How it works
Get started online and submit inquiry form.
We will contact your physician who will receive a Genesis kit.
Use the kit to submit a saliva specimen with your physician who will send it to Genesis.
Within two weeks, you will get a mail that your results are available with your physician.