• Identification of variants associated with response or resistance to an approved therapy for the patientís disease.
  • Identification of variants associated with response to a therapy associated with another clinical indication.
  • Identification of variants associated with a therapy (s) in clinical development.

A Comprehensive Genomic Test for Solid Tumors

CancerPlex is a next generation DNA sequencing test for solid tumors. The specific coding regions of over 400 known cancer genes are simultaneously determined using a small amount of DNA extracted from tumor samples, including formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue and cell blocks from fine-needle aspirates or effusions. This analysis is performed in a single assay, simplifying and streamlining the test ordering process, and eliminating time consuming serial testing. Clinically actionable information unique to each patientís tumor is consolidated into a simple report.

CancerPlex reveals missense changes, insertions and deletions, and previously described rearrangements of ALK, RET, and ROS.

CancerPlex sequences more than 1.5 million nucleotides in 435 genes.

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