• CancerPlex genes were selected because of their importance in tumor biology.
  • Analyzing more genes increases the chance of discovering actionable findings that lead to more choices for treatment. Our initial results indicate that CancerPlex analysis identifies actionable findings up to 20% more frequently than previously published studies.
  • Since knowledge of tumor biology changes rapidly, CancerPlex in corporates genes that are actionable today using both approved therapies and therapies in clinical development.
  • Hot-spot analysis may miss up to 20% of clinically important mutations in some tumors. CancerPlex sequences the coding regions of genes, detecting novel or rare alterations that are missed by other testing modalities.
  • CancerPlex reports are easy for oncologists to interpret and translate into care decisions.
  • Therapeutic Pathways provide valuable information about the most current updates in cancer care.
  • The average turn-around-time for CancerPlex is under 10 business days, dramatically shortening the waiting period for the start of treatment.
  • CancerPlex ordering is simple: Genesis provides door to doorservice to the patients, can facilitate tissue retrieval and return withpathologists.
How it works
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